Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Abbey Boot Camp Sessions


Get fit for summer with our boot camp sessions at the Abbey Health Club in Redditch. Our AdultBoot Camp (16 onwards) is available for both women and men and will take place every Tuesday 7pm-8pm.

Our adult boot camp sessions are priced at £5.00 each session for non members, £3.00 each session for members. 100% of the money is going towards a defibrillator for the hotel.

No need to pre book, just turn up on the day.

For more information please call us on 01527 406525

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Trackman Golf Technology - Improve your Game of Golf

Don't be frightened of using modern technology to improve your golf swing…. as Dave soon found out!

Read about Rob Davies - Head Golf Professional / Golf Manager at the Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa using the amazing Trackman golf technology to help improve your golf.

"I teach golf to all standards of players and love seeing my pupils improve, whether it's a complete beginner hitting their first shot straight out the sweet spot or helping an experienced low handicap player break bad habits. The most common pupils I have play golf regularly, are members of a club or society and have a handicap they would like to get lower. It's these players in particular I love using Trackman with during their lesson.

Here's a typical example of what happens on a regular basis...

'Dave' booked in to see me after his regular playing partner 'Roy' beat him quite easily over their last few knocks. During a few post round beers Roy eventually confessed to Dave that he'd had a few lessons with me!

On arriving for his lesson Dave was a little nervous, not met me before & hadn't had a lesson for years but his current handicap of 16 was creeping up & Roy who he normally gets the better of was going in the opposite direction. He'd obviously been told about this Trackman thing and was slightly apprehensive about potentially getting bogged down with too much technical information.

I asked Dave about what he would like to achieve in his hour with me - the phrase 'I want to be more consistent' soon popped up - It's without doubt the most common thing people who come for their first lesson say to me!

So we start with a few loosen-up 7 irons. After a dozen or so shots (and straight way I noticed how excessively inside his swing path was through impact), I then start to measure Dave's next 10 shots on Trackman - I didn't tell him, he hadn't even noticed the little orange box was there.

Then we stopped, I explain a little about Trackman & walked over to the computer to look at his 'numbers.'

If you don't know much about Trackman, it accurately measures a combination of 25 different club & ball data parameters through radar technology. It's a very clever bit of kit as used by the world's best players & teachers & I’ve been privileged to use Trackman for over 2 years now. So as not to possibly confuse pupils, I often show only a few of these numbers to with begin with & as I knew that just club path & face angle for this lesson would be the key to improvement, hi-lighted only these two.

Unsurprisingly Dave's Swing path numbers averaged 15 degrees in-to-out (rightward path for a right handed player). His highest was 16 and lowest 14. His clubface angle at impact was mostly zero (dead square to target) so I told Dave that he was actually a very consistent swinger! The results on all 10 shots were hooks - some starting straight, some starting slightly right but ALL curving way left with the club often striking ground before the ball, losing lots of distance in the process.

After explaining to Dave that if we could simply get his path average to within 4 or 5 degrees inside - he will be a MUCH better player. He then proceeded to tell me he had been deliberately trying to swing more to the right to stop the ball going left - a common misconception!

Through 'old school' thinking Dave always thought a very closed (to target) clubface was his main issue with hooking the ball and was amazed to see on Trackman that his clubface was actually coming through square to target more often than not. After agreeing that the path was definitely the problem & getting Dave to understand that the face was very closed TO THE PATH - not target, we got to work getting things better.

This article is not so much about how to cure a hook, as there can be various reasons why golfers do. In Dave's case he had pretty sound fundamentals at address but a backswing & that got the club too much 'behind' him at the top. His instinct to swing rightwards on the way down & through in an effort not to hit it left which made his problem worse. So by simply getting him a feeling of swinging less 'around' (we worked on getting the club head pointing a little left of the target at the top) and encouraging a sense of swinging leftwards through impact, his path numbers within 30 minutes had improved to less than 4 degrees inside.

Dave's ball flight quickly became a LOT more neutral, but the main positive feedback I had from him was that he was now striking the ball as consistently well as he'd experienced for a long time. His swing admittedly felt a little strange to begin with but from experience when pupils get better results & see the numbers improve on Trackman - they will stick with changes and with new found confidence the slightly usual feelings soon become good feelings.

I then showed Dave his Angle of Attack Numbers. The Average before was 2.1 degrees up, after the path improvement it had become 2.2 down. Much more effective numbers for a 7 iron at his club speed. He then further understood why his ball striking was now so much better.

By getting pupils like Dave to clearly understand their issues, pointing out perhaps just one or two numbers on Trackman to hi-light them and then accurately measuring improvement with the swing changes we put into place, more golfers are embracing this technology & I’m enjoying teaching them more than ever". 

Rob Davies

Head PGA Professional

The Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa

To book a Trackman lesson or club fitting at The Abbey Hotel, contact the golf shop on 01527 406500. Email

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Abbey Hotel receives AIM Accreditation

Here at the Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa we are delighted to have received our AIM accreditation.

AIM is operated and administered by the Meetings Industry Association and is the UK’s nationally recognised standard for accredited venues and service providers in the meetings, conferences and events industry. With our AIM accreditation you can be reassured and confident that here at the Abbey you are working with dedicated professionals at every stage of your meeting or event organisation.

Receiving our AIM accreditation pictured are Rob, Claire and Oliver from our conference team.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Amazing Pregnancy Massage - Lisa has a massage

New ESPA maternity treatments now available at the 4* Abbey Hotel Spa in Redditch, Worcestershire.
"When Gemma our beautician asked in the office if anyone would volunteer for the new ESPA pregnancy spa treatment to be demonstrated on them I jumped at the chance. I’m not pregnant so in some parts of the massage we did need to imagine I was. The Espa pre and post natal treatment is suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy and you can have the treatment as many times as you like, you could have one every day, once a month or just as a once off! After you’ve had one treatment your definitely want to book in again as it is truly relaxing.
The treatment starts off with you sat on the bed where the beautician will exfoliate your back with the most amazing ESPA product and then warm towels are pressed onto your back. Then you are carefully laid down on your one side with lots of pillows to prop you and bump up. The one side of your back is then massaged and any areas you are experiencing pain, tension or stress in is gently eased away. She then moves down to your legs, which I didn’t think would do anything, but I was amazed how relaxing it was and if I was heavily pregnant would really benefit my legs and ankles with the extra weight I was carrying around.
The same techniques were applied to the other side of my body after turning over.  After both sides of my body had been massaged I was put in an arm chair position on the bed and my arms, hips and legs were lifted with towels placed under them. Once positioned comfortably my (imaginary) bump was gently massaged, if you would rather not have your bump touched just let the therapist know, this part is not compulsory, however, I am told it really helps with stretch marks and is designed specifically for bumps in mind.
The legs and feet are then massaged again to help relieve any tension. To finish off a scalp mask is applied and pressure points on the scalp are pushed. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, experiencing tension, or just in need of some pampering I would definitely recommend this treatment and I guarantee you will not be disappointed". (Lisa Buszko - Marketing Assistant at the Abbey Hotel)
All the products used are completely safe to use after the 1st trimester of pregnancy and will leave your skin nourished, moisturised and smelling fabulous.
Maternity massage is available from £35.00 for 25 minutes or £60.00 for 55 minutes. View full details here, to book call 01527 406525

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Year, New You?

Made a New Years resolution to get fit or to keep healthy? Looking to look after and take care of yourself more thoroughly in 2015? Then the Abbey Hotel may have the answer!

Our Premium Health Club

The Abbey Hotel Health Club in the Midlands is a first class health club, gym and spa.  Our impressive Health Club at our 4* Hotel in Redditch is open to both our hotel residents and members, so there’s no excuse not to come and keep fit!


Our Health club facilities include:

  • A beautiful 14 metre, deck level swimming pool (1.5 metre depth)
  • Spa Bath
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Fully equipped gym packed with up to date equipment, including the popular power plate and unique video gym technology
  • Full inductions with workout programme, view details of our personal training programs available
  • Regular exercise classes, swimming lessons and social events form part of our club environment
  • Spa treatments (chargeable and must be booked in advance)

Health Club Offers

Our Health Club in the Midlands has lots to offer, including: 

 For further information and full price listings please call us on 01527 406 600 or visit our Abbey Hotel website.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Valentines Hotel Breaks

Love is in the air this Valentines Day at the 4* Abbey Hotel, Golf & Spa near Birmingham. Spoil your loved one with one of our luxury Valentines Hotel Breaks.

View our Valentines Hotel Break packages available this Valentines Day 2015 (including our spectacular Valentines Ball!). Our Valentines Hotel Breaks are the ideal way to spoil your loved one. If you require more information or wish to book direct call us on 01527 406 600

Valentines Dinner in Restaurant

This Valentines Day experience a romantic meal with your loved one in the stunning Bramblings Restaurant and overnight 4* accommodation.        
Saturday 14th February 2015
Overnight luxury accommodation with rose petals decorated in your room 
A romantic Valentines 3 course candlelit dinner followed by coffee CLICK HERE FOR MENU
Full English breakfast 
Full use of the Health Club

From only £169.00 per couple 

Valentines Ball                

Enjoy our spectacular Valentines Ball in our function suite. The Sensational Debbie C will be singing a repertoire from jazz/easy listening to contemporary covers from 1960s to present day.
Saturday 14th February 2015
Overnight luxury accommodation with rose petals decorated in your room
Valentines Ball: spectacular live performance with delicious romantic Valentines 4 course dinner CLICK HERE FOR MENU
Full English breakfast
Full use of the Health Club 

From only £175.00 per couple



If you are struggling to purchase an ideal gift for your loved one visit our online gift voucher page with wonderful Valentines gifts available to purchase for Him and Her.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Planning Your Big Day?

Then look no further than the Abbey Hotel for any help you may need!

We are hosting our very own wedding fayre this coming Sunday on the 18th of January 2015.

Join us any time from 11am until 3pm for those all important ideas to help you plan your perfect wedding, and admission is absolutely free.

What to Expect?

  • More than 20 exhibitors from the area including florists, photographers, cake makers and dress makers to name but a few.
  • Our very own wedding fashion show commencing at 1pm, with the latest Bridal fashions being displayed by the Wedding Centre in Studley on our catwalk.
  • Hotel Tours: some of our team will be on hand to show you our wedding ceremony and reception suites, along with our finest newly refurbished bedrooms, and of course the all important spa!
  • You can check out our latest wedding offers and deals on wedding packages.
  • Refreshments and lunch are available to purchase from Tawnys, and we are also taking table bookings for Sunday lunch in our Bramblings restaurant.

Just to recap

What?A wonderful wedding fayre for fantastic ideas to make your big day even better.

When?18/01/2015 , 11am - 3pm

Where?The Abbey Hotel

And don’t forget, there is absolutely no charge to attend!

For more information regarding Wedding Fayres Midlands please contact us on 01527 406 600, or visit our website.